Vincent Joseph Harvey Carroll O'Carroll Oriel is the 25th direct descendent of Donough O'Carroll, King of Oriel and the 133rd direct descendent of Adam and Eve according to ancient Gaelic genealogies. He was born in Dublin, the eldest son of Richard Anthony and Margaret Catherine nee Harvey. He studied medicine at University College Dublin graduating in 1978. He subsequently obtained a Masters Degree in Public Health Medicine as well as Diplomas in Children's Health, Obstetrics, Tropical Medicine and Business Studies.


Dr. Carroll is a Fellow of the Royal College of Tropical Medicine. Dr. Carroll is Hereditary Head of The Order of Mellifont and President of the Companionate of the Royal House of Oriel. He inherited both positions upon the death of his father in 1997 when he amended his name by deed poll to include O'Carroll Oriel. This is because Ireland, as a modern republic does not publically recognise titles and a deed poll change is the only legal way of preserving this unique historical heritage. Dr. Carroll is also a patron of the Advocates of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and is a trustee of A.R.C. a cancer charity. Dr Carroll is a Companion of Honour in the Order of Cashel and Companion of the Companionate of Merit of the Kingdom of Desmond Association. Dr Carroll is a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia,an honour awarded to Dr Carroll by H.R.H Prince David of Georgia in recognition of his position as Chief of his Name and Prince of Oriel.


Dr. Carroll has numerous interests in medicine, science, history and conservation. He is a Member of the Irish Georgian Society, Royal Dublin Society and Railway Record Society as well as a benefactor of Vieilles Maisons Francaise and a member of Association Les Amis De L'Eglaise Romane De Malmy. He married Margaret M.A. Stafford of Wexford in 1988 and they have four children, Margaret Heather Alexandra, born 1990, Alexandra Sara rose, born 1992, Philippa Harvey Stafford, born 1997 and Henry Herron Stafford, born 2000. The family's principal residence is Fairfield House in Sandymount, Dublin. The family are members of the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as Quakers, and in keeping with the Religious Society emphasise on Christian equality, Dr. Carroll chooses to confine the use of the O'Carroll Oriel part of the name to cultural and historical events only.


He has one brother, Richard Anthony, born 1957 in Dublin. Richard Anthony, a medical doctor resides in Paris where he pursues private literary interests.