The Order of Mellifont (complete title is The Order of the Cross of Mellifont) is a dynastic order of honour. It was instituted to perform charitable acts and to reward personal services rendered to the Carroll of Oriel family. The Order was founded on 1st February 1938 as an apolitical not for profit organisation, by Richard A. Carroll after consultation with his father James. Richard became Hereditary Head of the Order upon the death of James in 1997. Dr. Vincent Carroll succeeded to the headship upon the death of his father. As fons honourum of the former Kingdom of Oriel by ius sanguinis succession and Derbhfine election, he enjoys the exclusive right of conferring legimate honours of the house of O Carroll Oriel, such as the Order of Mellifont.


It is stressed that the Order of Mellifont is not an order of knighthood and was not in the possession of the O Carroll of Oriel kings when actually reigning. It is a new honour, which takes its name from the original Mellifont Abbey which was founded by Donough O Carroll, King of Oriel, in 1142 A.D. Dr. Vincent Carroll is the 25th direct descendant of King Donough.


The Order is the exclusive property of the Head of the O Carroll of Oriel family, which alone may bestow it. It is as said passed by right of blood and no government or political body can abolish the rights of bestowal or transmission to successors in any way whatsoever. The Order is private property, and rights to such are guaranteed by the current Irish Constitutiion.


Moreover, to ensure legal continuity in the current Irish state, the O Carroll of Oriel with family and legal advice registered the Order with a legal name at the Companies Registration Office, Dublin, number 319749.


The Hereditary Head of the Order of Mellifont must always be the Head of the O Carroll of Oriel family, the Prince of Oriel as correctly styled for the successor to a formerly reigning kingdom. Admissions to the Order are made only with his approval.


The Order has no prefix stylings, but members may use the postnominals ‘O.C.M.’ as appropriate, which postnominals represent ‘Order of the Cross of Mellifont’.


The Order is awarded in two classes, that of Gold Cross and that of Silver Cross – for both ladies and gentlemen and the class of entry is communicated with the Brevet of Entry. All memberships are for life, there being no hereditary memberships except that of Hereditary Head.